Friday, March 14, 2014

slip and slide on subway grates

Hello! I have been so, so busy recently with coursework (i take 3 coursework heavy subjects) and I've had to start revising for my exams in May so I've been having to dedicate a lot of my time to that instead of to my blog. However, on Sunday, I went to London because I wanted to go to the Tate Modern for my art project - my exam project is called 'Coloured Glass' and the Structure and Clarity floor there at the moment seemed really relevant to it when I was looking for artists on the Tate website. I wanted to see the 3D/perspex/multi media stuff in real life too because it's kind of hard to visualize it from a flat photo. 

I dragged my mum out to Islington in the morning to go to the Camden Passage and to The Breakfast Club for lunch - I'd seen this video & thought it looked cool there. The weirdest thing happened when we were walking there though & I still can't process how coincidental it was - if you've read my blog for any amount of time you'll be aware how much it would freak me out but I was walking up this huge street and looked back after I'd passed someone because I'd been looking at the ground and liked their shoes/socks anyway turns out it was Jessie Cave??? (at first i was like hey?? that person dresses like jessie cave?? i swear she has that bag??) & When I realised it was her I was so, so, so confused because it was so unexpected?? Anyway I then embarrassingly approached her and told her I like her videos and feebly asked her to sign my bag (which again is weird because I was using a tote bag from her website with her drawings on i felt like a creep) before I scuttled off. It was probably really annoying for her and i'm cringing at myself!!!!!!! The rest of the day I felt sick hoping I didn't make her miss her bus.

I didn't buy anything the whole day except for postcards from the Tate - the only thing I saw that I liked in one of the shops in Islington was a green jacket with exposed seams and a circular zip, but it was £68. The weather was strangely good too but it meant I had to hold a rather conspicuous poncho all the time and regretted wearing so much black. 

This post is v annoyingly photo heavy & I need to venture outdoors to take outfit photos more but doing that makes me feel sick (I feel sick about a lot of things a lot of the time).

Poncho - eBay, vintage, £10
Bark sweater - COS from eBay £14
Skirt - H&M DIVIDED - £20
Shoes - Docs £28
Jeans - Topshop Leigh, £38

Pindippy tote bag (she sent this for free with the tshirt i bought which was cool and probably a mistake but I sold my kanken and now this is my school bag. i have nothing else.)


This photo made me realise I needed to tone my hair (I did - hence the change in the photos in my house which I took on Monday).

My mum's food was a lot more aesthetically pleasing (eye roll) than mine.

I'm aiming to start posting every week (end) so will be here more often.

- Hollie

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I WROTE THIS IN SEPTEMBER and didn't post it because it's probably very boring also I had no idea that in America it was douchey to say 'film' instead of movie. I use them interchangeably in this post bcuz I didnt know that it was a thing. sorry if it makes you cringe.


Sixth form has been quite OK so far and I'm not drowning in work as of yet. Prospects are quite exciting and I'm generally content. I'm glad, on the whole, that summer is over. I've been watching films and reading more often and I had a weekend where I watched near on 10 movies recently. There is too much stuff I want to consume within this world and I've decided to start chipping away at learning all the THINGS. The list I began with included An Education, Submarine, Fight Club, Now is Good, The Bling Ring, The Breakfast Club, The Great Gatsby, This is England and Toast. I realized whilst watching some of these that I had been so immersed in obsessing over american culture/design that I had forgotten that England can be cool too in a slightly drearier, mundane way. I mean sure your weather is great and your diners are ravishing but stately homes (which I've suddenly become beguiled by) and some of the subcultures that manifested here, the music and the remnants of the past you occasionally notice can be cool. Maybe possibly sometimes????????????

Concurrently, I visited a woman to go and chat to her about all of her vintage (and extensively designer) clothes. My Grandad (who is a builder) was doing up her house, I think adding a loft room, and somehow it was brought up that I like fashion/the past, so she invited me over after school one day. She worked in fashion in London in the 70s after going to art college in Bournemouth (where I live) and had a job as a playboy bunny when it was sort of a new thing. She showed me her original costumes and old photos and stuff. She had cabinets of antiques and 60s lucite handbags all of which she had brought back from trips to America during her time as an air hostess, suitcases brimming with collections of compact mirrors and wardrobes full of original Pucci dresses. Although I was indeed fascinated by the clothes/various token objects, what she told me about her life was even more interesting which is where this film/culture stuff starts to intersect. She spoke of when she saw David Bowie at the local O2 academy (a tiny venue) when she was a teenager, dressed in lurex leggings, a lurex leotard, huge platform shoes and a face of Ziggy Stardust/glitter make up, and how her and her art college friends used to gallivant around wearing strange clothes, about living on the Kings Rd when Vivienne Westwood was just starting up and how she worked for a few various fashion houses. On my way out I saw a frame on a table, which contained a note (on a napkin if I remember correctly) addressed to her, wishing her a happy birthday, from Freddie Mercury(!!!). (My mind was boggled when I left and there's a lot more I've not written here). It felt intrusive to take photos, so I don't have any, but everything there was beautiful and made me even more emphatically obsessed with the history and culture of England and London. (I can't wait to hopefully live in London when I'm older).

Back to films: An Education and Ginger & Rosa (another film i watched a few months ago and was really influenced by) are set in 1960s London. They kind of resonated with me because the environments and the school halls and the streets and alleys and landscapes and the sorts of lighting (eg no sun) were familiar, albeit exceedingly more aesthetically pleasing in these films than in real life. This is England is another depiction of a story set in England that felt authentic to me, despite not being a skinhead myself donning Fred Perry polo shirts, Dr Martens and Levis with braces. I do recognize that I would naturally relate to these films anyway though; they're all coming of age plots and so the characters are often my age/the subject matter is pertinent; it's not just the cultural similarities that draw me to them.

Furthermore, I've never lived in or visited America so some facets of their language and school/societal systems and architecture I see in their films (EG them not calling them films) are alien (but fascinating) and Hollywood movies most likely have higher budgets than these largely indie movies do on the whole too so maybe that's why some often feel more fictitious (which isn't a bad thing either - my favourite film is Fight Club).

You may notice I'm justifying myself because I don't want this to come off as bashing American movies - it's meant to be more more of an appreciation of something I've seldom noticed before - apart from perhaps in Harry Potter - in my yearning for American thrift shops and suburbs. I'm trying to compensate for coming across as some sort of contrived patriot/nationalist, too.

Beyond all of this pretentious stuff I think anyone would find it hard to watch these films and not yearn for auburn hair (ginger & rosa) or find them visually pleasing. Most if not all humans would enjoy them.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ICANT THINK OF A TITLE i will changethis

Gold tunic dress - £30 eBay
Black suede skirt - £10 eBay
Shoes - Docs £23 eBay

I wanted to post this while I still have golden blonde hair (may be bleaching it platinum-ish this week) because it matches the dress. By the way, the hideous top knot I have at the moment is to hide the fringe/bangs regrowth I have - it isn't long enough to put behind my ears but is baso just hanging there otherwise.

I wore this dress to this thing sixth form gets at my school called Winter Ball back in November or December(???). I had black 70s platform heels from Office on as well and despite turning up literally looking like a drowned rat (it was raining & my hair is naturally curly so with a regrowing fringe the state I was in was pretty tragic) the event itself was good. I have pictures on a roll of film somewhere.

Coat - Mango £30

Not sure anyone has used the school bike sheds for outfit pictures before (cringe).

The empty tongue and groove'd frame behind me is a noticeboard DIY my mum attempted and has concurrently neglected (it used to be in our shop though).

Below are some really old film pictures - probably from September through November. 

1. Pam 2. Silhouetted Ellen & Mary-Ann 3. Pam 4. Katie 5. Counter feat. plants 6. Ellen, Katie & Mary-Ann 7. Pam 8. Pam 9. Random couple

I spent a good deal of time from the end of August to mid October trying to force any willing subject to go to this run down cafe near my house (the one in some photos). Unfortunately the film I used was a new one so I wasn't used to how it handled exposure and a few came out quite dark. When the table in the last photo cleared we tried to sit there (I wanted photos with the reflection on the wall in them) and uncharacteristically I even asked the man who was hovering at the time whether we could take it and have him take ours (the exact same on the opposite side just without the reflection)  but he refused and it has angered me for months. Some of the others are in an arcade in town and the other one interval at school.

- Hollie

Sunday, January 12, 2014

frames and THINGS

First post of 2014! Going to try and post once a week/4 times a month but I know it won't happen. I tried taking these photos on two different days because the light was really crap the first day and equally as dire the next - it's just the season we're in/England. I got my room painted white back in September/October and have gradually put frames up. It has been a lifelong ambition. It looks sort of pathetic right now but I'll  just keep on collecting and hanging them to build it up. I'll hopefully introduce some brighter coloured ones too. The mirror, child smoking picture, mountain painting, tapestry and hanging glass circle are all from the Salvation Army. I actually bought a lot more from there too but I haven't put up about half of them. The green picture and tile are from a junk shop, the dead butterflies are from eBay and the oval mirror was one my mum got at a fair a few years ago. My jumper is from Etsy and I bought it last summer. I hate my hair colour and it will be changed soon bear with me.

Last week my old form was meant to have a 'reunion' at my old form tutors' house (we've only not been a form for  like 8 months though and this sounds v.weird i'm aware) and only 6 of 30 people turned up. I took photos throughout the evening & I rly like the colours/they match the essence of frames and things in the ones above.

1. Amber and Lizzie 2. Pam and Frankie 3. Frames 4. Pam 5. Clock 6. Amber's forehead and Lizzie.

- Hollie

Thursday, December 26, 2013

short intermission

Boots - Camden Market £25

I have about 3 unfinished draft posts I need to add to, and choosing which one to use first is why I have left this abyss of time between my oh i am probably returning to here post and this one. The top photos are film ones from way back in September from the same day I posted this on Instagram, and I will call them self portraits because I set everything on the camera manually despite my mother acting as a tripod. I forced my parents to take me to this nearby country house because I had been growing obsessed with them at the time, and I took these in the greenhouse there. I used to visit this place a lot when I was younger when my grandma used to be a gardener there so I roughly remembered it. My dress is vintage from Etsy and I was bought it for my GCSE results in August.

Below is a recent outfit - the skirt is irritatingly lopsided because it is too big, but wearing a belt makes it too short, so wearing it requires vigilance. 

Coat which is too long for me - Zara £70

White shirt - Topshop £20
Black vest shirt that people i know despise and refer to as that top - eBay £10
(legit (how exciting)) Chloé skirt - eBay £14
Shoes - Dr Martens eBay £25

(appreciate the print)

Hope you had a good Christmas!


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

St Ives & Penzance

Hello! My reasons for not blogging pertain to the same 'crisis' thing I had back in summer. I consciously took a break from sharing stuff instantaneously, and consequently, I've allowed myself to think and make things and go places without the nagging thought that I may only be doing so to have something to blog about. I've done this blogging thing for so long now (all of my _____teen years) that it began to feel innate to share stuff and trace all of my references. I think I found myself questioning how much of myself was real any more. I found I wasn't allowing myself or my blog to evolve naturally due to this now instinctive consciousness and analysis. Around this time I watched an interview with Simon Amstell where he stated that he began to look for comedy in situations almost before living them. He said he sought out comedy in everyday life to be able to use in his shows 'scarily quickly'. This kind of precedent is mirrored in my blog (but obviously not with comedy (instead with fashion and colours etc)).  I began to wonder if I was forcing things, and the notion that I may have become dependent on validation scared me a lot. 

Many people have written before about the fact that seldom things are original (some Tumblr quote says that striving for authenticity is the more important alternative) and apparently this is heightened with the prevalence of the internet now, which is culpable for the relative dissolution of subcultures (things change too fast) eg Courtney Love on Miley Cyrus. Again this legitimacy archetype applies. Too many things to question. This all came to a hilt with a passing comment someone made to me over the summer about me looking young. It made me question my entire existence and by the end of the following week I'd cut half of my hair off and had begun purging one bag of rubbish from my room each few days. I have also restricted myself to wearing only black clothes for the past 3 months, partially for practicality (sixth form blah hate not being able to match clothes blah money blah) but also to rouse the expulsion of what I felt was somewhat fake from my life. In this time I feel I've grown up a lot and it's been a sort of a long awaited detox.

Anyway; I'm planning on returning slowly to blogging now but my posts may be different WE'LL SEE.

 One of the things that I did keep constant was keeping my camera on me, though it did take me about two and a half months to use up one roll of film (despite having used 1 roll a month for the past few months), again to counteract this am i taking my camera to take photos to ultimately share online mentality. Nonetheless, I now don't feel any particular rush to post in real time and I've had the photos below for over a month without the compulsion to share. I think of it as more of a choice to put this here now rather than more of a mandatory obligation.

SO, I went on a trip to Cornwall from the 7th - 9th of November. It was an art trip with school so I was with my art class and I had to take photos for my sketchbook anyway, hence why some of them are quite random. If so it's because I drew something that's in them or whatever. Also don't fret I am not transitioning into becoming a plant blogger. It just so happened that a lot of Cornwall is green. One of the three plants I bought at the Eden Project is already dead so I'm definitely not cut out for that life.

Barbara Hepworth Museum and Gardens
  • 1, 2, 3.  Where there was a room full of botanical miscellanies that even I fawned over despite being my lowly un-plant blogger self.
  • 9, 14, 15, 18.
Newlyn Transition 10
  • 4, 27. This was an open space for artists so we were able to talk to them as they worked. 
  • 12. Mary-Ann with an artist who was forging copper wire bulb sorts of structures.
Beach/St. Michael's mount
  • 5, 8. Collecting things from the beach to draw later on at the hostel (writing this out feels like annotating my sketchbook for the 100th time).
  • 17. Ellen and Mary-Ann drawing St. Michael's mount.
In/around St. Ives
  • 6, 7, 10, 13, 16, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28.
Eden Project
  • 11. The ceiling of one of the biomes. 
  • 19. Cacti in the temperate biome.
  • 23. Ellen drawing.
The main point of this trip was to visit galleries and make copies of pieces we liked and to generally make our ideas cohesive by the end of it to form the basis of a project. I didn't really fill many pages/get much done compared to others but I can actually tolerate what I did manage to get done for once (this is rare). The Hostel we stayed in, which was a huge old Georgian house, was supposedly haunted, and the food wasn't too bad either, so it was a generally good trip for one partially spent on a cramped coach or out sketching in miserable windy weather. 

- Hollie